imagesEmail Campaign Tracker allows you to create trackable email hyperlinks that integrates your Email Marketing System with your GoldMine CRM. Use your preferred email marketing system (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc) to design, create and send your HTML email campaigns. Use Email Campaign Tracker to create and insert your email hyperlinks using our email hyperlink builder tool. When your email recipients open  your email and click on your email hyperlinks you’ll instantaneously be able to:

  • Update your email recipients contact record in GoldMine with what links they clicked
  • Schedule GoldMine activities (Calls, Next Actions, Appointments, etc.) for assigned sales reps
  • Send auto-responder emails for automated follow-up
  • Update GoldMine fields
  • Alert/notify assigned Goldmine Sales Reps via GoldMine Email
  • Plus much more


Email Campaign Tracker is owned and managed by First Direct Corp., the nations leading GoldMine CRM reseller. We offer a simple and affordable option for integrating your email campaigns with your GoldMine CRM system.  There is no installation, no long term contracts, no complex or lengthy training. Simply sign-up for a free trial account and configure your GoldMine to receive the tracked “Call-To-Action” click results data and start tracking and following-up on your email click results today. Logo